Universal Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Universal Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium performance, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated for universal application in modern traditional automatic transmission. This specially formulated combination of 100% synthetic technology ensures peak performance and maximum fuel economy while meeting the frictional and wear requirements of most automatic transmissions regardless of age. 

Ideal for top-up or complete replacement of OEM Fluids. 

Highly stable even at extreme high or low temperatures for year-round protection and performance. 

Eliminates premature wear (especially at start-up) and maintains its properties at high temperatures under extreme loads or in severe operating conditions.


  • Product # KL-TF3040
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs./ 0.87 kg.
  • Full Synthetic
  • Advanced Additive Chemistry
  • Anti-wear Protection
  • All Climate Application
  • Extended Service Life
  • Compatibility 


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