Tire Chains - Single with V-Bar Link

AncraSKU: 53148

Tire Size: 11R-24.5


From the ice roads of Canada to the Rocky Mountains, in the woods or on the logging roads, in the most demanding traction control situations possible, X-Treme Grip™ Tire Chains provide strength,durability and stability that protects your investment in drivers, equipment and tires.

V-Bar is designed with the durable strength of several V shaped links on each chain that work to five you the traction you need to make it through ice, snow, and sleet. If road conditions are slippery, it's a good idea to have a set of these chains on your vehicle to help you maintain control.

Manufactured out of high strength/hardened carbon steel for ultimate strength and durability.


  • Product # KIN-15401PK 
  • Weight of Complete Set: 74 lbs./ 33.56 kg.
  • Highway Tire Chain: Yes
  • Single Tire Chain: yes - Singles Go Over 1 Truck Drive Tire Only
  • Tire Size: 11 x 24.5
  • Side Wall Chain Diameter: 7 millimetres
  • Cross Link Chain Diameter: 7 millimetres
  • Number of Cross Links Chains Per Tire Chain: 14
  • UPC Code: 52474010757
  • VMRS Cargo Restraints: 053-001-001

Note: Do Not Exceed 50 KM/H (31MP/H) Tire Chains are used to add traction only. Check Tire Chains to ensure Proper Fastening before Operating the Vehicle.

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