Summer Bug Wash


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Designed specifically as a summer windshield washer to keep windshields clear from road grime and splattered insects. Formula contains special detergents that break down the protein in insect bodies making them water soluble and easy to wipe off windshields.

The Summer Bug Wash has a great foaming action than winter windshield washers and is excellent for cleaning away road dust, oil and grime. 

Does not contain any harsh chemicals and is completely harmless to wiper blades, body paint and trim.

Colored Red to ensure there is no confusion with the -40°C Windshield Washer Fluid, as the Summer Bug Wash is only suitable for warm weather conditions. Tested in Manitoba during the height of the mosquito and fly season. The Summer Bug Wash performed extremely well.


  • Product # 15-214
  • Bottle Size: 3.78 Litres
  • UPC: 056438152149
  • SCC14: 4005643815
  • Bulk Quantity Discounts Available

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