SAE 80W-90 MP Gear Lube

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Multi-Purpose extreme pressure straight mineral gear lubricant. It is designed to meet the widest range of needs in off-highway and on-highway vehicles. 

Made from high quality base oils using a modern sulfur-phosphorus additive system that provides excellent extreme pressure (EP) properties, wear resistance, oxidation stability, anti-rust, corrosion and foam protection. This lubricant provides excellent protection against the shock loading of gears and outstanding protection of seals. 

Superior extreme pressure (EP) properties reduce wear in heavily loaded gear sets where hydrodynamic lubrication may not be complete. 

Excellent oxidation stability reduces oil degradation caused by extreme high temperatures and enables prolonged drain intervals. 

Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion ensures the gearbox is protected from contamination.

Superior foam reduction aids in suppressing oxidation and fluid film breakdown. 


  • Weight: 1.97 lbs./ 0.897 kg.
  • Reduced Wear
  • Oil Durability
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Foam Control.


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