Mesh Flip Tarp - 88" x 21"

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Product Description 

Fits 16-20' Box

Mesh Tarps feature a 9oz PVC Coated woven polyester material. The material is rated for -40° Celcius with a tear strength of warp 85. The tensile (grab)(lbs/inch) is warp 225/weft 280. These Mesh tarps are Double Stitched where most others are Single Stitched. Standard Tarps do not have Grommets, however Grommets can be installed by request. 

The Tarp Systems are standard on multiple trailers and boxes like Midland, Arne's, Cross Country and Southland/Renn. 

The Quick Change Flip Tarp is equipped with Velcro which makes it easier to install.

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request. Can come equip with Hayworth Logo.


  • Weight: 14.21 lbs./ 6.45 kg.
  • Fabric: Mesh (Black is the standard stocked colour, but available in other colours when custom ordered)
  • Tarp Replacement Kit Contains:
    • (4) 2 x 2 Latch Pieces used for Fastening to the Rolltube.
    • (2) 2 x 1 Latch Pieces used for Fastening to the Rolltube.
    • (6) 1-in. Self Tapping Screws.

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