Magnum Headache Rack

MagnumSKU: 69207



Take the headache out of Cargo Securement. Tie your cargo down securely so that it is not a hazard to you, other drivers or to your truck. The Magnum Headache Rack offers Multiple Rails so you can tie down your items at several different points or keep them raised to prevent them from damaging the sides of your truck bed.

The Aluminum Body provides resistance towards Rust, ensuring increased durability and extended lifetime use.


  • Product # L16-510-84
  • Weight: 128 lbs./ 58 kg.
  • Aluminum cab guard
  • U-Bolt mount


  • Length: 84-in.
  • Height: 68-in.
  • Thickness: 
    • Upright Rack Supports: 8-in.
    • Rack: 2.5-in.

For Installation of the Magnum Headache Rack check the Cab Guard Mount Kit.


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