L01 Vulcan Loadcell for Stationary Fifth Wheel


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Product Description

The Vulcan Fifth Wheel Load Cells are designed to fit under Holland, Fontaine, or other fifth wheel plates, replacing the standard risers or slide brackets. The load cells provide immediate weight information without adding substantially to his trailer height or tractor weight.

Comes equipped with a Patented double shear beam design. Made from high strength, heat treated alloy steel. Extremely reliable in the harshest environments. Plated for corrosion protection. Completely sealed internal electronics. Designed specifically for fixed or slider applications. Bolt-on design for easy installation and maintenance. Reliable military style connector. 


  • Fifth Wheel Load Cells
    • Capacity: 40,000 lbs vertical load per system, 150,000 lbs system draw bar pull
    • Accuracy: Typical System Error Less than .5% full scale
    • Material: High Strength Alloy Steel
    • Output: 1.20mV/V at 20,000 lbs (each Load Cell)
    • Finish: Vulcan Load Cells are cad/chromate plated for increased rust protection


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