Katz Azz All-In-One Diesel Additive | 1LDFL

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Approved Diesel Fuel Conditioning Enhancer with Lubricant and Conditioner. 

Formulated to clean, lubricate and enhance fuel injector performance. 


  • Adds Fuel Lubricity 
  • Reduces Exhaust Smoke
  • Prevents Carbon Deposits
  • Bio and ULSD Compatible 
  • Prevents Fuel Gel -50F
  • Restores Injector Performance
  • Increases Fuel Milage
  • Cetane for Easier Starts
  • Controls Water Damage

Boosts Cetane and helps Improve Performance

  • Fuel with a Low Cetane Rating or High Water Content can reduce your Diesel Engine's Power and Fuel Economy. This can lead to increased Soot Production and could cause Fuel Pump or Injector Failures. The All-In-One Diesel Additive helps with that by 
    • Boosting Power
    • Improves Fuel Economy
    • Improves Starting Ability 
    • Smooths Engine Operation
    • Adds Lubricity to reduce Engine Wear
    • Reduces EGR valve soot contamination



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