Howes Oil Enhancer 1L | 203100C

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Product Description 

Howes Oil Enhancer is your engines best friend. Lowering temperatures, raising oil pressure and improving engine power. This 100% Petroleum based product blends well with other auto heavy duty lubricants. 

Howes Oil Enhancer can be used in any motor oil or gear oil to protect your engine from formation of deposits, and increased engine-out emissions.

Keeping oil from overheating and quieting engine noises, Howes Oil Enhancer proofs seal life and reduces heat in differentials resulting in a smoother ride and increased fuel economy. 


  • Size: 1L
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs./ 0.87 kg
  • 100% Petroleum Based
  • Decreases Oil Consumption
  • Prevents Excessive Wear
  • Lowers Engine Temperature
  • Extends Oil Life
  • Improves Engine Power
  • Inhibits Harmful Engine Acids



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