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Howes Diesel Treat Fuel Conditioner & Anti Gel is essential for your Diesel Engine. It Enhances Engine Performance and Increases the Lifespan of your Engine. It Boosts the Cetane Rating and Lowers the number of Sulfur Contaminants. Contains Lubrication and Corrosion Inhibitors that not only Reduce Wear and Tear but also Prevent Breakdown. This will Enable you to Drive for a Longer Period without Maintenance Checks. 

Howes Diesel Treat is a Must Have for Winter Conditions. Usually, the Diesel in your Fuel Tank will start to Crystallize when Exposed to very Low Temperatures during Winter. Which may prevent your Vehicle from Driving Anyway, even if you are able to Drive, the Waxy Diesel will Damage your Engine Parts. However, Howes Diesel Treat fuel additive can act as an Antidote and Solve the Problem.


  • Prevents Diesel Fuel from Gelling, Guaranteed!
  • Saves Money and Eliminates Downtime
  • Increases Power and Fuel Economy
  • Eliminates Smoking and Rough Idle
  • Treats more Fuel than Competing Brands
  • Contains no Alcohol
  • Particulate Filter Friendly and Warranty Safe
  • Product # HOW-103061
  • Weight: 3.76 lbs./ 1.71 kg.
  • Bottle Size: 1.9 Litres

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