Air Spring - 1 Solid Sleeve -1T Reversible Sleeve - 9122

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Air Spring Suspensions offer many key benefits, such as Reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness. The Reduced Vibration and Harshness means better wear on other components in the truck. Trailers tend to last longer when on Air Suspension as the components don't suffer as much vibration. 

Air Spring Suspensions also offer Improved Fuel Consumption. The Suspension is better suited to the road surface, which means Higher Corner Speeds can be achieved which leads to time saved on routes with a lot of turns, increasing Payload.

Manufactured to Meet or Exceed O.E.M. Specifications in Function, Form and Fit. 


  • Product # FS9122AG/MAF9122
  • Weight: 22 lbs./ 9.97 kg.
  • Air Spring # of Lobes: 1 Solid Sleeve
  • Air Spring Type: 1T - Reversible Sleeve
  • Operating Temperature: 57°C to -54°C
  • Natural Frequency: Hz
  • Loading Capacity at 20 psig: 1,760 lbsf
  • Loading Capacity at 60 psig: 5,280 lbsf
  • Loading Capacity at 90 psig: 7,920 lbsf
  • Bellows: 1T19L-11
  • Application: Holland (Neway) 90557071, Holland (Neway) 90557076, Holland (Neway) 90557185 (Parallel Align.), Holland (Neway) 90557185 (Parallel Align.), Temisko, Ridewell 1003589122C, Sauer P50-732, Reyco 12883-02, Porcupine, Hencrickson Can. B-12514-010, Holland (Neway) 90557077
  • Air Spring Air Fitting Size: Combination Stud/Air Inlet Stud Outside Thread is 3/4-16; Studs Inside Thread (Air Inlet) is 1/4 N.P.T.


  • Air Spring Compressed Height: 8.8-in.
  • Bead Plate (Top) Mounting Bolts Dimension Center to Center: 5.50-in.
  • Bead Plate (Top) & Deflated Bellows O.D.: 11.31-in. And 10.62-in.
  • Extended Height Deflated: 27.3-in.
  • Piston (Bottom) Mounting Bolt Dimensions Center to Center: 7.88-in.
  • Piston Height: 7-in.
  • Maximum Diameter: 13.7-in.

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