Air Dryer - Model IS

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Product Description

Desiccant Type, In-line Filtration System, Automatic Drain Valve which is controlled by the Governor. The AD-IS air dryer and reservoir system collects and removes air system contaminants in solid, liquid and vapor form before they enter the brake system. It provides clean, dry air to the components of the brake system which increases the life of the system and reduces maintenance costs. The necessity for the daily manual draining of the reservoirs is eliminated. 


  • Product # 5010133X
  • Heater Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Compatible with Model IP/IS Purge Valve
  • AD-IS is assembled with
    • Safety Valve
    • 4 External Delivery Ports
    • 4 Pressure Protection Valves
    • Built-in Thermostat


  • Height: 11.25-in.
  • Width: 8.5-in.
  • Circumference: 17-in.

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