Air Dryer - Model AD-9

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Product Description

Desiccant Type, In-line Filtration System, Automatic Drain Valve which is controlled by the Governor. The AD-9 Air Dryer comes with a new style cover, along with a Horizontal Check Valve.


  • Product # 065225-G
  • Heater Specs: 24V , 75W
  • Supply: 1/2"
  • Delivery: 1/2"
  • Control: 1/4"
  • Compatible with AD-9 Air Dryer Harness
  • Compatible with Model 9 Purge Valve
  • Drop in Modifications
    • Integral External Check Valve
    • Integral "Make-Up" Line
    • Delivery Port, with Special Fitting
    • For use with Wabco/Holset single cylinder model E or QE compressors


  • Height: 14-in.
  • Width: 9-in.
  • Circumference: 23.5-in.

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