50/50 Extended Life Premium Antifreeze | 16-834

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Product Description

Premium Antifreeze Coolant. Contains a precise mixture of traditional and organic corrosion inhibitors. This hybrid technology provides long life, exceptional performance and unmatched compatibility.


  • Product # 16-834
  • Weight: 9.53./ 4.325 kg.
  • 3.78L
  • 50-50 premixed
  • Low silicate; Phosphate and Amine Free
  • CAT EC-1 Compatible
  • Premium Extended Life Diesel - recommended for use where an extended service interval is required.
  • DOES NOT require a charge of SCA or coolant extender at initial fill
  • Protects all coolant system metals; provides wet sleeve liner cavitation protection
  • Up to 960,000 km/600,000 miles. 12,000 hours or 6 years.
  • For older model light & heavy duty diesel applications ( on-road truck, off-road, farm, marine, stationary)

Formulation Benefits

  • Extended Service Life: Provides up to 960,000 km, 600,000 miles, 12,000 hours or 6 years under normal operating conditions provided the coolant is kept in good condition with nitrite levels in line with the engine's OEM requirements.
  • Wide Application: It is designed for use in older light and heavy duty diesel applications where an extended service interval is required and is recommended for use in on-road truck, off-road, farm, marine and stationary applications including, but not limited to, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel/MTU, GM Heavy Truck, Freightliner, PACCAR and Volvo Mack.
  • Proven Protection: Protects all coolant system metals including aluminum from erosion, corrosion, and rust and provides excellent wet sleeve liner cavitation protection. Being CAT EC-1 Compatible, it provides excellent heat transfer capabilities.
  • Field Compatibility: Recommended for us where an extended service interval is required, it does not require a charge of SCA or coolant extender at initial fill however is a compatible with both. Its compatibility extends to use with other similarly formulated extended life low silicate, nitrite containing hybrid engine antifreeze/coolants.
  • All Climate Performance: Provides protection against low temperature freeze-up or high temperature boil-over and suitable for all season use throughout winter and summer. When used as 50% diluted with high quality water, provides freeze protection down to -37°C and boil over protection up to +132°C. Available in concentrate and 50-50 pre-diluted formats.

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