Camshaft 1 1/2" x 11 1/8" 28 Spline RH Q+ Intraxx | E-11867

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Forged Cam heads make for precision sizing and strength. Induction hardened heads give these cams long life and durability. Camshafts with machine rolled and induction hardened shaft splines are strong and durable.

As the slack adjuster is moved by the brake chamber pushrod, the motion and force is transferred to the S-Cam. The S-Cam absorbs the torque force from the Slack Adjuster. it then relays the torque from inboard the wheel end to the outside, where the actual braking takes effect. It is here that the torque force is converted back to linear force.


  • Spline: Measured by Pitch to Diameter. Pitch is the number of splines surrounding the S-Cam. Common Pitch values are 10 and 28. The Diameter is measured from the out most edges of the Spline Area. 
  • Journal: Measured by Diameter and Length. These measurements correspond with the bushing sizes.
  • Head: Identified by Direction and Size. Left Hand and Right Hand directed cams are identified by their respective position on the vehicle. These can not be reversed. Head Size is measured across from the lowest points of the cam profile.
  • Overall Length: Measured from the outboard Journal Edge to the Snap Ring recess in the Spline.


  • Product # E-11867
  • Weight:  7.65 lbs./ 3.46 kg.
  • Brake Camshaft # of Splines: 28
  • Brake Camshaft Type: High Rise (Small Cam Head, Late Model Brake Shoes, Q Plus, ES, XL)
  • Brake Shoe Style: Hendrickson ES
  • Right Handed
  • Repair Kit: Cam Bushing Kit
  • Application: Hendrickson Trailer Axle 16-1/2-in. Brake XLS


  • Effective Length: 11-1/16-in.
  • Camshaft Spline Diameter: 1-1/2-in.
  • Brake Diameter: 16-1/2-in.
  • Bushing Journal Length: 2-5/16-in.
  • Head Thickness: 1-1/8-in.
  • Journal Diameter: 1-1/2-in.

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