Coverage Period:

Lifetime Warranty - Most of Speed Demon lights produced after February 15th, 2015 are covered by this warranty, please see below for any exclusions.

2yr Warranty - 6K headlight kits.

1y Warranty - DRE Economy Series, 4K Headlight kits.

This limited warranty covers defects in material, manufacturing and quality control processes. It does not cover any charges incurred by the customer relating to the installation, repair or removal of any product.


If you run into an issue with a lighting product from Speed Demon lights, please take the following the following steps.

  1. Fill out the Return Merchandise form, and print it. Please be as descriptive as possible to help Speed Demon determine the cause of failure.
  2. Enclose a copy of your original purchase receipt or invoice, along with the Return Merchandise form, and defective light.
  3. Ship it to Speed Demon Lights #4, 43 East Lake Crescent , NE, Airdrie Alberta, T4A-2H5
  4. Wait – Once Speed Demon receives your light they will determine the best course of action. If the light is covered under warranty they will repair or replace the light at our discretion and return to you pre-paid.

Most warranty claims are processed within within 5-10 business days.

Exceptions to the Warranty Policy:

The following situations may result in the revocation of lifetime warranty.

  1. No proof of purchase
  2. Removal of the light’s waterproof plug
  3. Unauthorized modification or dis assembly of the light.
  4. Painting, or otherwise altering the light’s protective coating.
  5. Improper installation of the light
  6. Damage beyond reasonable wear and tear

Please note that Warranties are non-transferable and apply only to the original purchaser.