We are a supplier of Speed Demon Lights

Never heard of Speed Demon Lights? Let us introduce you...

Why go with a Speed Demon light?

  • Proudly Canadian: As a Canadian company, Speed Demon prides themselves on providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. All of Speed Demon's lights and light bars are manufactured using the most up to date technology and the highest quality products.
  • Money Back Guarantee: To back these high quality products, Speed Demon offers an unmatched 30 days no question asked money back guarantee and a 2 year manufacturer defect warranty.
  • Intense Durability Testing: Speed Demon puts their lights to the test! From being completely submerged in freezing water to being run over by trucks, even dragged for miles behind ATV's. Speed Demon really gave their lights a beating and they stood up to the abuse.
  • Quality Lights: See where you are going at any time of night. When you're off-road and need to see everything, these lights give you complete night vision, allowing you to safely trek forward.

When it comes to LED lighting the saying “You get what you pay for” is always a good line to follow. What sets Speed Demon apart from the cheaper brands is all of their products carry a warranty you can count on, they only use the highest quality parts when assembling their lights, and they perform extreme durability testing on each line of lights they carry.